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The on-line address for Michael & Vivian Krigline–a place to find inspiration and family news & photos.

If you are new to Krigline.com, use the menu to navigate between “writings” (articles) we’ve written, some photo pages, a page full of links, access to original inspirational music, and our (badly neglected) “current update” blog. “About us” tells how to contact us, and you can also see our purpose. For educational materials, visit EFLsuccess.com. Our older site (explained below) is www.krigline.com. Unless you want to know more “about us,” that’s all you need to understand before you start clicking! (Hint: start with “the latest“)

Who are the Kriglines?

After teaching English in China since 2000, my wife and I moved to Hong Kong in 2015 to help lead a charitable company that networks foreign professionals working in Asia. In July 2019, we moved back to America, where we continue to do charitable work. This website started when I was teaching (see next section).

History of our websites

Back in 1999, I created www.krigline.com for the Krigline family. To quote Kara Swisher: “Back in 2000, Google was not much of a search company, Amazon pretty much only sold books, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was in high school and the Apple iPod was not coming out for a year.” We listened to music on cassette tapes or CDs, the word “blog” didn’t exist, and people were just starting to use the Internet to find information (the “smart phone” didn’t revolutionize the Internet by putting it in your hand until after 2007). But in 1999, Microsoft FrontPage let me create and post scores of pages to educate, inspire and inform our students and friends.

By 2015, FrontPage was a dinosaur and I finally decided to dive into WordPress to start bringing my old website into the modern world. That is why I created wp.krigline.com. But then my job changed, and ever since I’ve had little time to be a “web master”!

EFLsuccess.com, wp.krigline, and the relocation project

I plan to eventually move inspirational and personal photos, articles, etc, here (temporarily to wp.krigline.com, but eventually I’ll remove the “wp” at the front). Meanwhile, I’ll move EFL resources and features to EFLsuccess.com. When it fits with the new naming scheme, I’ll keep page names the same (e.g., www.krigline.com/xmas_dog.htm will become wp.krigline.com/xmas_dog). If old friends can’t find something you are looking for, try using the search box on every page, or write to me!

Soon after I started this website-update-project, I was “promoted” from teacher to director, and “spare time” basically evaporated! There are over 150 pages at krigline.com, so “relocating/updating” the sites won’t be a quick task. And until everything has been recoded, I’ll also leave things at krigline.com. To make matters worse, WordPress keeps changing codes that mess up one thing or another. But in spite of its incomplete nature, this website has a (slowly) growing number of interesting things to see, read and share.

Thanks for visiting! For more resources, visit EFLsuccess.com and www.krigline.com.


PS: If you are looking for a different “Krigline,” please contact us.


–I took the banner photos at the church we attended while living in Hong Kong: St Andrew’s Anglican Church on Nathan Road, the oldest English speaking Protestant church in Kowloon.
–If you are in China, thanks for your patience as pages take so long to load (they appear almost instantly elsewhere).
–Apologies if things at wp.krigline.com don’t work. WordPress is relatively easy to use, but I’m no expert! (Please tell us about problems.)

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