In 2002, some friends helped me record a number of the songs I’ve written. This page lets you listen to the recordings (in full, I believe), get a taste of the “background tracks” without me singing, or even buy a downloadable copy of a song or the whole album. You can also “search” for these songs on Spotify, iTunes, and other popular on-line music outlets.

Below it, you can find other links to my music.


(If you are in China, or behind some other firewall, it might take a minute or more to “see” the player–if it works at all. Sorry!)

Click here to see or download a pdf file (A4 size) with the lyrics and other information: Sing Your Praise-A4-2013

A friend in China posted me singing “Little Drummer Boy” at a Christmas party. The last time I checked, you can find it on Youku.

You might also still find some of my songs (and messages) at the XICF website (I don’t know how long they will remain there). Here’s a link to a song/message about Community. Here’s a link to a message telling some of my “life verses,” highlighting the Most Important Things (it ends with one of my songs). Here’s a message called, “What God Cannot Do.” This link points to two of my songs, plus a message on Perseverance.


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