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Every few weeks I write an update, for those who like to stay in touch!

Every few weeks I write an update, for those who like to stay in touch!

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Vivian’s first picture with our three grandchildren.

July 10, 2017

Just as I returned to Hong Kong, Vivian was packing for her next trip. She had planned to be in South Carolina when our newest grandchild was born, but Caroline couldn’t wait and made her debut a few days early! Vivian is enjoying her part in caring for the family. We’re also thankful that mommy (Beth) and baby are doing well, and that Vivian has already had the chance to see other members of her family. She will be back in HK by the end of the month. Unfortunately, grandpa (me) won’t get the chance to join in the fun in person, but I’m enjoying the photos from 12 time zones away!


June 29, 2017

As is my habit, I’m working on this blog after midnight when I have to get up early for a flight back to HK in the morning. So “more” about my wonderful ten days in Yunnan will have to wait. But I was struck today while wandering around Lijiang at how people’s expectations can be so different from the realities we meet. I’ll explain with a few photos below, the first of which shows a new friend I met on the train from Dali this morning.

Our lives touch so many others every day. Jody and I enjoyed pleasant conversation on the trip from Dali to Lijiang today.

When I get on a train in China, most people just ignore me, most likely because they are afraid that we won’t be able to communicate. Likewise, I expect to sleep (uncomfortably) or read, instead of “making a new friend.” But today Jody and I talked for about half of the three-hour trip–sometimes in Mandarin, sometimes in English. We talked about traveling (like the “longest trip” I’ve ever taken), EFL–English as a Foreign Language, and family; she seemed interested in the textbook I’ve got published in China, as well in the book on “reconciliation” that I was reading. Just before we went our separate ways, she said she’d tell her friends she met an author today, and I asked if I could put a selfie on my blog. I’m sure we were both “unsure” of our ability to communicate with a stranger from another country, but I enjoyed our talk. She reminded me of the many students I’ve enjoyed teaching all over China.

In addition to the photos below, you can see our older photos of Lijiang here.

Maybe I can find time to add more photos once I get back to HK.


Colorful Yunnan – Over half of China’s 55 minorities live in this province.


June 24, 2017

I’m traveling in Yunnan at the moment. I hope to add new photos later, but for now, I’ve brought some photos of Kunming from my old website to this (click here) new page.


June 13, 2017

In June 2017, I thought of one more reason to rent close to where I work: typhoons (or to be more precise: avoiding transport in bad weather). Hong Kong’s public transportation system is normally wonderful, but Mother Nature can play havoc with everything. A series of warnings lets us know as a typhoon or other serious storm is approaching. When it gets to a certain level, buses stop running, and soon thereafter the subways stop too (some parts are above ground). The law says that unessential personnel have the right to head home before the transportation system shuts down. Well, on June 12, I let my staff leave at 4 pm, but I stayed at the office until 6 pm–when even I thought it would be better to be at home than to keep working at the office. I ducked into the Mongkok station (as I often do, because it is dry and air conditioned–and gets me half-way home), and saw one of the biggest crowds I’d ever seen. It looked like this in all directions, and the “subway mall” is almost a quarter mile long. Within the turnstiles, people were wall-to-wall, so the workers (yellow shirts) had closed the turnstiles. I can only imagine what it looked like down on the train platforms! Here you see people, wall-to-wall, waiting for the chance to join the wall-to-wall crowd inside the turnstiles. NO THANK YOU! And in the next storm, I’ll know better than to “duck into the station,” and just take my chances in the typhoon!

As Typhoon Merbok tripped the “close down” signal, the Mongkok MTR station came to a standstill.


May 15, 2017

Between mid March and early May, we logged 7500 miles in the USA, visiting colleagues, partners and relatives in OR, WA, CO, OH, PA, VA, DC, DE, NC, SC. Vivian says we unpacked our suitcases in 16 places! No time to explain now, but here’s a few photos to prove we were there and back again.

Mar 1, 2017

We are into the third month, and weeks keep flying by. Most of the time, I’m busy in an office in Mongkok or meeting with partners in Hong Kong. But from time to time Vivian and I get to visit the people we work for in China and around the world. To that end, we visited NW China last month, and in March and April, we will be visiting at least eight US states. I just hope I can find time, now and again, to post updates here!

The day after we returned, I got to attend the Global Leadership Summit in Hong Kong (hosted at The Vine), featuring two days of challenging and inspiring speeches. This was the second year I’d had a chance to participate, and I recommend the Summit to any leader (it is broadcast in hundreds of venues around the globe). (See willowcreek.com; and I also highly recommend the free GLSNext App for your phone!)

Last night, Vivian and I had been invited to a special exhibit at the TST YMCA. For the next few weeks, a rare copy of the Torah will be on display in the lobby, as part of a much bigger exhibit of precious scrolls, Bibles and artifacts that will be hosted at St Andrews Church. This exhibit presents the people of HK with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see priceless materials that testify of the reliability of “the most banned and beloved book” in history–the Bible. Additional information is available at http://inspiredexhibit.org/

Feb 15, 2017

This year, Chinese New Year fell on January 28, but the celebration actually runs for about three weeks.

Feb 8, 2017

Can it be February already? January flew by, and I’m just now getting time to catch my breath and post our first 2017 update. And it looks like 2017 will be as packed as ever, with a trip to China’s western region later this month, followed by six weeks or so in the USA. Here’s a glimpse of how the new year has gotten started for us.


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