Hong Kong 2016

Michael, Vivian and Michael's cousin Dori enjoy a sampan ride in Aberdeen. (Click for larger image)

Michael, Vivian and Michael’s cousin Dori enjoy a sampan ride in Aberdeen (Feb 2016).

Exploring HK ⇔ (Clicking on photos reveals the entire caption and often makes them bigger.) 

See a remarkable live view of Hong Kong’s iconic Victoria Harbour by visiting EarthTV’s HK page.

April 29, 2016

This past week we had a “heat index” of over 100 degrees F (39 C), reminding us that if we want to enjoy a bit more of our new home before sweat becomes a deterrence we’d better get out there! I’ve described the trip on my blog, but I’ll just add that we had intended to go to a different part of the island (based on faulty schedule information posted online). Nonetheless, we enjoyed a few hours together outside the office. I’ll tell the rest of the story in the captions.

February 26, 2016

Vivian and I spend a lot of time in our office, so we love every chance we get to be “out and about” with friends and associates. Feb 25-26 gave us the rare opportunity to be with a relative–Michael’s cousin spent about 26 hours with us, on her way from the Philippines back to the US. We had a simply wonderful time showing her around, and we took dozens of great photos, so I’m posting them here, on a separate page–maybe the first of many “photo pages” to come…someday!


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